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In 1910, William Elkins and Monroe Swyers began providing local downtown Springfield businesses with stationery, invoices, statements and other related items. New partnerships developed in the 1920's and Elkins-Swyers Company began providing printing services to county offices. In 1952, the production of paper ballots and precincts supplies became the catalyst to supplying the most modern and secure elections available today. Elkins-Swyers has evolved from furnishing paper ballots, punch card, optical scan and touchscreen systems to the current EAC certified digital scan system.

For the past 60 years Elkins-Swyers has been a three-generation family-owned business. Emphasis is always placed on maintaining quality customer service throughout each transition.

With over 300 years of combined knowledge, the employees of Elkins-Swyers Company offer superior election services. Customers can be confident that a complete election package will be delivered. You can trust that the company is in compliance with Federal and State election guidelines. A full turnkey election includes election equipment, ballot layout, coding, printing, testing, and delivery. Elkins-Swyers can customize products and services to each county's unique needs.

Elkins-Swyers Company makes available a variety of custom printing needs. Receipt books, traffic tickets, legal forms, binders, continuous and laser checks are just few of the custom print jobs offered.

The tradition of quality products and services has been the foundation of Elkins-Swyers Company over the past century. The company is dedicated to continuing this tradition.



Donna Owens, Deputy Clerk
Pike County, Mo.



And as always, our ballots were accurate and perfect.  You guys do amazing work.


Thanks for being so reliable and giving us one less thing to worry about on election day!



Staci Ruble, S.O.E. Office
Monroe County, Fl.


These ballots are FABULOUS!!!

That is all… have a great day =)

Charlie Davis, Jasper County Clerk
Jasper County, Mo.

AWESOME!!! I always appreciate you and your staff, couldn’t imagine doing our job without you guys!!

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