Established in 1910, Elkins-Swyers Company offers complete election services and supplies. The company provides custom printing for both county and city offices as well as accommodating the needs of individuals. Elkins-Swyers has expanded its ballot printing services to Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida. Committed to serving its customers with high quality products and service, Elkins-Swyers continues to be a leader in the election and printing industry.

Elkins-Swyers is the Missouri dealer for Dominion Voting Systems. The Democracy Suite line of products and software allows our customers to provide safe and accurate elections.

Dominion Voting: "Our key values are being the most trusted company in the industry, the organization that best harnesses technology to serve democracy, and the organization that shows the most respect for our customers. Dominion is a different kind of election company – more than a vendor, we are partner that you can trust.

Together with our customers, we strive to change elections for the better – making them more efficient, secure and accessible."

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